Senin, 17 Februari 2014

Cowon JetAudio Plus VX

JetAudio software is very familiar name in the field of music and film and video broadcasting is referred to the other facilities that will continue to, the majority of users after the installation of software are the installation of Windows one of the first JetAudio be. This software is playing in the background and display multimedia files (audio and video) is very complete and the world supports most common formats of multimedia files without any problem does not exist for users. Are nice and applicability along the Persian subtitles for video display and has many features of JetAudio popular software. Convert video and audio capabilities are also important features is the software. So that the software can easily and with lots of features and details can convert video and audio files to one another. Sound and image quality settings as simply as possible. The ability to rip audio CDs and burn audio CDs capabilities in addition to including additional features of the software. Sound recording and mixing capabilities as well as custom-cut the sound and voice as well as the ability to edit tags of audio player JetAudio is software.

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